Camp Lee Mar: Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Camp Lee Mar is a special needs camp that offers a traditional overnight summer camp experience. This allows our campers with special needs to enjoy all the fun and social experiences of a summer camp and gain valuable life skills. Our goal is the development of the whole child. Our campers, ages 7-21, develop skills in the areas of independent living, social and communication skills, self advocacy, and academics. Through a variety of recreational activities and classic camp culture, campers are supported and encouraged to meet their full potential. Not only do we strive to give campers these skills during their weeks at camp, we grow their confidence and knowledge to carry these invaluable skills into their school year. The Camp Lee Mar team works with parents, their child and respective IEP, to create the best programming for a successful summer! Our philosophy has remained a constant through the 70+ years we have been serving the lives of special needs children.

Activities @ Camp

Athletics, Swimming, Arts, Special Areas

Academics and Speech

Our Speech and Academics Programs are a consistent part of our campers weekly schedule.

Our Academics Program provides continuity in the essential areas of language arts and mathematics in support of campers’ IEPs during the summer season. Our Academic Program also provides vocational experiences, such as the Camper Worker Program, for campers looking forward to life as young adults.

Our Speech and Communication Program provides social language and communication practice in a small group traditional speech session setting, as well as the opportunity for constant embedded social communication throughout the camp day.

Camp Lee Mar: Academics & Speech
Camp Lee Mar: Staff

The Staff at Camp Lee Mar

Spending your summer as a staff member at Camp Lee Mar is a rewarding and life-changing experience; one you will cherish for the rest of your life. You will not only watch our campers learn and grow, but you will also experience individual growth.

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