Special needs summer camps and scholarship programs

Special Needs Summer Camp Lee Mar Scholarship Program

Do special needs summer camps like Camp Lee Mar have scholarship programs? Camp Lee Mar is definitely a unique experience with its academic program, speech program, daily living skills and so much more. So many children need the Camp Lee Mar experience, but many families are going through very difficult financial situations, especially now, due Continue Reading…

How to set summer goals – Summer camps for children with
special needs.

Top notch summer camps for kids with special needs

So how do summer camps for children with special needs like Camp Lee Mar set summer goals? Once a family has registered their child for camp and completed the interview process we move onto setting summer goals. We use these goals to help place our campers in age appropriate groups with peers who are working Continue Reading…

How Our Speech Therapy Camps Expand Our Campers Friendship

Speech therapy camps and our campers friendship circle

Speech therapy camps and our campers friendship circle. Communication and speech-related challenges vary from camper to camper at Camp Lee Mar. Some campers may have limited verbal communication. Others campers may love to talk, but have difficulty holding a conversation, staying on the conversation topic, or have difficulty understanding body language and facial expressions when Continue Reading…

Will my child be safe at camp? – Special needs summer programs

Choose safe Summer Camp for Kids with Disabilities

“Ari, Lynsey, Laura, and the staff do a wonderful job. They truly care about the kids, they look out for them in every aspect. I have total confidence when my son is gone for seven weeks that not only is he going to be safe, not only is he going to learn, but he’s going Continue Reading…

You work at a special needs summer camp? – That’s so cute!

Kids with Special Needs Enjoy Our Summer Camp

Our days at Camp Lee Mar are spent having fun, but also working on independent living skills, self-advocacy and self-confidence. We work on a sense of belonging, camaraderie and the ability to be a contributing, important member of the Camp Lee Mar community. This assists our campers in building the skills they need to be Continue Reading…

Ten Reasons to Register for the 2021 Season at Camp Lee Mar! –
Summer camp for children with special needs.

Ten Reasons to Register for the 2021 Season at Camp Lee Mar

Summer camp for children with special needs-The top 10 reasons to choose Camp Lee Mar! Our campers are AMAZING! We have the best campers! Camp Lee Mar campers are from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. They come from all over the United States, and many different countries. We are seven weeks of awesome! While Continue Reading…

Do I have special needs? – At this summer camp special needs are
just one facet of what makes our campers unique.

Our unique special needs summer camp

I have been a part of the Camp Lee Mar team for over 20 years. During that time I have answered many parent questions, many camper questions, and a great deal of questions from my own children who spend their summers with me at Camp Lee Mar. My children have a unique understanding of children Continue Reading…

Why is a summer camp experience so important? – Summer
Programs for Kids with Special Needs

Summer Programs for Kids with Special Needs

Summer 2020 was truly unique in every way for many camp directors, parents and campers! Despite all the challenges and obstacles involved in putting together a very partial camp program, it was still a very positive summer of learning and growth for us. Summer 2020 made some things even clearer . . . . Our Continue Reading…

Camp Lee Mar Alumni Opportunities!

Camp Lee Mar Guided Tour Summer Program

Over the years, as campers began to age out of our summer programs for special needs children at Camp Lee Mar, families frequently shared their concerns with us about transition into adult life. The Camp Lee Mar L.I.F.E. Program was then created to prepare for job training, teach independent living skills AND still give access Continue Reading…

Does Camp Lee Mar Have Summer Activities for kids with Autism?

Summer activities for kids with Autism

Camp Lee Mar has many summer activities for kids with Autism. As I have stated previously, we are not a camp for one type of child but are a camp for many types of children that all fall within the mild to moderate range of developmental challenges. With this said, we are uniquely set up Continue Reading…