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Baseball and Kickball Field
From baseball, to kickball, to Olympics Track and Field, many games and events happen on our Lower Field.

Let’s go ziplining! Our Zipline, nestled behind our Tennis Courts, is just the right height and length for every camper to ride on! Campers harness up, strap-in, and zip away!

Keep an eye out for wildlife! At our Campsite, campers may build campfires or engage in a Science activity!

Health Center
Below our Main Building and directly next to the Pool is our Health Center. Our nurses are available during all parts of the day to attend to the needs of campers!

Lee Ellen Hall (LEH)
LEH is home to our Arts and Crafts rooms, Academic rooms, and female camper cabins. Our female camper cabins feature a brand new bathroom and new flooring throughout!

Davral Hall (Davral)
Davral contains our L.I.F.E. Program, Academic Cooking room, LeeMart, and more Academic rooms!

Speech Center
Our Speech Center consists of individual speech rooms, with a larger space for whole group sessions.

Therapeutic Swings and Hammocks
Next to our Garden we have a variety of therapeutic swings and hammocks, where campers can relax and take in the Pocono sunshine!